Mum’s promise

– true fulfilment found through “zero” nuclear reactors


Hiroaki Koide,  Taro Yamamoto, Yohei Miyake, Kokoro Fujinami,  Rei Shiva, Sebastian Pflugbeil (President of Germany radioactivity protection Association),  Setsuko Kida, Oliver Stone, Taitsu Kono, Ruiko Muto, Ruri Sasaki,  Ryuichi Hirokawa

A documentary film depicting the state of affairs in Germany, Fukushima and India after 3.11, through the eyes of Rena Masuyama - journalist, painter, and mother of two children.


[Shooting / Director / Editor / Cinematography] 

Rena Masuyama


90 minutes (NTSC)


Rena Masuyama, as a mother, speaks to her daughter about the fears of giving birth, mindful of the potential impact of radiation exposure from depleted uranium shells whilst in Iraq. Rena sets out on a journey to fulfil her promise with her daughter to bring about a world without war and nuclear reactors. Her explorations and challenges take her to the decommissioned nuclear reactor and waste sites in Germany, the truth behind the Fukushima regions where warnings have now been lifted, cultural exchange in India with kids from Fukushima, and looking at self-sustaining rice cultivation methods. This is a journey of discovery on a global scale.

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