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“Earth Art Factory”

Establishing through art a future of peace and freedom without discrimination

Life, human rights, environment, war, poverty ...


We are a production group transmitting truths and emotions not normally published by the general media, through our images, art, literature, publication and music.


We look to liberate the society from violenceto form a ring of connection, conscientiousness, harmony and thankfulness.


We respect the history and culture of different countriesand discover and nurture young talent.We deliver the beauty and wonder of life.


When people around the worldsing songs of love, peace and freedom,reaching out to each other in their suffering and joy we see a new yet familiar expanse which transcends all forms of discrimination.

Rena Masuyama of Earth Art Factory has been involved in:

  • Cultural exchange using art with children subjected to child labour in India

  • Cultural exchange using pictures with Iraqi children suffering from depleted uranium munitions

  • Film screenings in the autonomous areas of the Palestinians, suffering from the Israeli occupation

  • Interviewing and filming the representative of America's largest anti-nuclear anti-war group

  • Filming the first drama portraying Okinawa’s Henoko; creating movies in Hiroshima and Fukushima

  • Reporting on US troops who suffer from PTSD, veteran self-defence officers who suffered from the Iraq war, and people who worked in radiation exposed areas,

  • Screening important archived documentary videos of past wars.


Sadako’s Cranes – connecting the earth

Sadako Sasaki, known as the girl of paper cranes, died 70 years ago with leukaemia caused by the atomic bombing in Hiroshima.  She is revived into the modern world and meets a boy in Okinawa, who experienced the nuclear accident in Fukushima.

The truth about troop deployment – ex-self-defence officer bring damning charges against the concealment of his “accident”

On 4 July 2006 during the American Independence Day, a young Japanese Air Force officer deployed in Kuwait was run over by a bus operated by the US Army. The Japanese SDF then concealed the incident...

Mum’s promise

true fulfilment found through “zero” nuclear reactors

A documentary film depicting the state of affairs in Germany, Fukushima and India after 3.11, through the eyes of Rena Masuyama - journalist, painter, and mother of two children.


Photo album "Gaza - a cycle of massacres "

(Photo and text by Rei Shiva)

In the summer of 2014, Rei Shiva - one amongst only a few of the Japanese journalists who reported on the invasion by the Israeli military in Gaza (a Palestinian autonomous area) - captured the full extent of the Gaza attack.

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